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  Ying Tang (汤迎)

  Ph.D. Candidate

  Supervisor : Prof. Ping Ao.


  Office :  Room C207 Systems Biomedicine Building, Shanghai Jiao Tong  University

  Email :  jamestang23 AT gmail.com

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2013-present, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

2009-2013, B.S. in applied mathematics, Zhiyuan College, Shanghai Jiao Tong University



My research interest includes: stochastic process, mathematical modeling of biological systems, and nonequilibrium statistical physics.

  • We obtained an efficient method to quantify stochastic transitions for a broad class of high-dimensinoal complex system.
  • We developed a new nonequilibrium thermodynamical theory for stochastic systems without detailed balance, and achieve a series of new fundamental equalities quantifying the work fluctuations in nonequilibrium process.
  • We have worked out explicit constructions of potential functions in Lotka-Volterra systems with multiple fixed points, limit cycle.



1. Journal Papers:

  • Tang, Y. ; Yuan, R.-S. & Ao, P., Anomalous Free Energy Changes Induced by Topology, Physical Review E2015, 92, 062129
  • Tang, Y. ; Yuan, R.-S.; Chen, J.-H. & Ao, P., Work relations connecting nonequilibrium steady states without detailed balance, Physical Review E201591, 042108
  • Tang, Y. ; Yuan, R.-S.; Chen, J.-H. & Ao, P., Controlling Symmetry-Breaking States by a Hidden Quantity in Multiplicative Noise, Physical Review E201490, 052121
  • Tang, Y. ; Yuan, R.-S. & Ao, P., Summing over Trajectories of Stochastic Dynamics with Multiplicative Noise, The Journal of Chemical Physics, 2014, 141 (4), 044125
  • Tang, Y. ; Yuan, R.-S. & Ao, P., Nonequilibrium Work Relation Beyond the Boltzmann-Gibbs Distribution, Physical Review E, 2014, 89, 062112
  • Tang, Y. ; Yuan, R.-S. & Ma, Y.-A., Dynamical Behaviors Determined by the Lyapunov Function in Competitive Lotka-Volterra Systems, Physical Review E, 2013, 87 (1), 012708 (Arxiv preprint arXiv:1210.7662)


Talks and Posters


Research Experience

07/2013-09/2013, Visiting Scholar, Tokyo University, advised by Prof. Yu Chen.




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