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Five papers are recently accepted!

Five papers are recently accepted or published:

  • Wang, G.-W.; Zhu, X.-M.; Gu, J.-R. & Ao, P., Quantitative Implementation of Endogenous Molecular-Cellular Network Hypothesis in Hepatocellular carcinoma, Interface Focus, 2014, accepted
  • Xu, S.; Jiao, S.-Y.; Jiang, P.-Y. & Ao, P., Two-time-scale Population Evolution on a Singular Landscape, Physical Review E, 2014, accepted
  • Hu, J.; Zhu, X.-M.; Wang, X.-A.; Yuan, R.-S.; Zheng, W.; Xu, M.-J. & Ao, P., Two Programmed Replicative Lifespans of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Formed by Endogenous Molecular-Cellular Network, Journal of Theoretical Biology 2014, in press
  • Ma, Y.-A.; Tan, Q.-J.; Yuan, R.-S.; Yuan, B. & Ao, P., Potential Function in a Continuous Dissipative Chaotic System: Decomposition Scheme and Role of Strange Attractor, International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos2014, in press
  • Yuan, R.-S.; Ma, Y.-A.; Yuan, B. & Ao, P., Lyapunov Function as Potential Function: A Dynamical Equivalence, Chinese Physics B. 2014, 23 (1): 010505
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